Savvy navvy collaborates with GJW Direct

Marine tech company, savvy navvy, has announced one of its first insurance partnerships with leading UK insurance specialist GJW Direct. Savvy navvy says the collaboration aims to significantly lower insurance claims while boosting exposure of the savvy navvy app to all GJW direct customers.

The savvy navvy app enables boaters to check essential marine information and plan trips at sea at the touch of a button, acting as a digital cross-check to traditional navigation.

“Our aim with savvy navvy is to make sailing fun for everyone,” says Jelte Liebrand, founder of savvy navvy. “Our team believes traditional and modern navigation should work in harmony to keep boaters safe out on the water. By using savvy navvy to cross-check your traditional navigation plans we can actively help reduce the risk of human error and ultimately reduce insurance claims. We are delighted to team up with GJW Direct who are a reputable and trusted name within the marine industry. This collaboration will provide great exposure for savvy navvy to all GJW Direct users whilst also providing them with a great deal.”

The savvy navvy app evolved from cumbersome navigation technology and research showing that sailors, on average, use up to four or more apps to plan a trip at sea which can be incredibly time consuming.

With savvy navvy, the process is simplified. Just like Google Maps, a sailor can plan a trip at the click of a button. Where Google Maps uses real-time traffic information, savvy navvy uses real-time weather forecasts and tidal data, in one app, on any device, making navigation easier.

One response to “Savvy navvy collaborates with GJW Direct”

  1. Pete Green says:

    It’s a great sailing app – well worth the download.