US Coastguard to use ThrowRaft’s self-inflating device

The US Coastguard’s aviation life support equipment technical services office has selected the patented ThrowRaft TD2401 as a critical throwable self-inflating device to be kept on its helicopters.

The patented ThrowRaft TD2401, made by marine safety and rescue equipment manufacturer ThrowRaft, has undergone rigorous testing and evaluations through the coastguard approval process.

The ThrowRaft TD2401 auto inflates in the water and can be repacked and rearmed. It is designed to be highly visible in search and rescue situations. According to the company, the pack is 9x smaller than the ring buoy and can be thrown more than 40ft.

“We are honoured that the US Coastguard aviation life support equipment technical services office based at the aviation logistics centre in Elizabeth, NC, has chosen the patented ThrowRaft TD2401 for their critical missions,” says Troy Faletra, founder of ThrowRaft. “

This underscores our dedication to developing products that meet and exceed the stringent standards of the US Coastguard, ensuring the safety and effectiveness of their rescue operations. It feels good knowing it’s officially in their inventory, and they’ve written a maintenance procedure card for the TD2401 that will be used by the fleets to maintain it.”

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