Vendée Globe: update 11Nov20

Like you, we’re keeping an eye on the Vendée Globe, especially on our British skippers. We aim to bring you snippets of the action, and a brief update on how Pip Hare, Miranda Merron, Sam Davies and Alex Thomson are faring, alongside our regular coverage.

But first, problems with the hook on board L’Occitane en Provence means Armel Tripon has diverted towards La Coruña (11Nov20).

Given the current weather conditions in the area, an active front passage generating strong winds and very rough seas, it is not safe enough for Tripon to climb the mast himself in order to carry out the repair. He is currently rerouting towards La Coruña (Spain), the nearest port, in order to carry out these repairs in dock.

Miranda Merron is heading to the Azores

As expected, it has been a long, stressful and eventful night for the 33 Vendée Globe competitors, says her team.

“There’s no point trying to get ahold of Miranda this morning 11Nov20. In the 11th minute of the 11th hour on this 11th day of the 11th month of the year, like her fellow British and many in the world, she will observe a minute of silence, at the time when the armistice of 1918 sounded,” Merron’s team says.

Merron is pictured above courtesy of Yvan Zedda.

Pip Hare says ‘the world is a good place’

“I’ve been taking things really steady and it already feels like home.

“The sea’s really rubbish. Lumpy waves [are] coming from everywhere.

“I’ve been steering, it’s nice, it’s good for me and I’m enjoying it.”

Watch Hare’s video, filmed 10Nov20.

Alex Thomson still hasn’t had any sleep

“It’s exhausting sail conditions.

“Very frustrating.”

Watch Thomson’s clip, posted 10Nov20.

Other news from the fleet

No news to share from Sam Davies, but this clip from race organisers has Fabrice Amedeo patching his mast, Armel Tripon attempting to eat cottage pie prior to changing course, and other skippers preparing for last night’s gale.

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