Venom Design at Harrods

This spring you can view Dek-King premium synthetic teak on display at the iconic London store Harrods, thanks to the experienced fabricators Sea-Dek for Venom Design and Sunseeker London.

If you visited either the London Boat show or Boot Düsseldorf this year, you most likely viewed the luxurious Sunseeker stand along with their display of custom jet skis. These well-travelled jet skis finely showcase the workmanship of our Dek-King synthetic teak fabricators Sea-Dek for Venom Design.

Venom specialise in creating bespoke solutions that match the unique identity of their client’s super yachts. Not only do they provide custom seating, embroidery and paintwork but they also strive further in providing personal electrical requirements, such as lighting and GPS. The team at Venom Design aim to beat the ordinary, with an Instagram feed bursting with their latest custom projects and builds. The team are the go-to specialist for customised jet-skis in the UK. In their own words “challenge Venom, we guarantee to exceed your expectations”.

We are proud to see Dek-King premium synthetic teak used throughout Venom’s work, custom made and fitted by our experienced fabricators Sea-Dek. Working with a variety of ten stock Dek-King colours, the team have created custom mats with a variety of caulking colours and embedded logos and text for Venom’s VIP clients. The versatility of our Dek-King means the team can offer full design customisation, working with templates taken directly from the client’s jet ski to ensure a perfect fit each time.

Sea-Dek’s craftmanship is displayed through each jet ski on the handcrafted mats, which feature life-like graining virtually indistinguishable to the look and feel of real teak. Not only do the mats look fantastic, they also provide a non-slip surface perfect for safety when moving from in and out the water.

Venom Design’s latest jet ski in partnership with Sunseeker London is on display on the lower ground floor at Harrods, London until the end of July 2018. The jet ski features Dek-King premium synthetic teak supplied and fitted by Sea-Dek.

Dek-King synthetic teak installed by Sea-Dek for Venom Design jetski collaboration with Sunseeker London at Harrods

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