VIDEO: Surfers save shark attack surfer

Surfers at a beach in Sonoma county, California, used a surfboard strap as a tourniquet to save a fellow surfer whose right leg was bitten by a great white shark, according to Carve.

Last Sunday, Eric Steinley was attacked as he surfed about 50 yards from the shore at Salmon Creek beach, but managed to alert others in the water.

The 38-year-old said he managed to punch the shark in the face to force it to release him, then was helped ashore by a stranger who used his board strap to tie the tourniquet.

Other surfers added a second tourniquet before using a longboard as a stretcher and carrying Steinley to a helicopter pick-up point. He was flown to Santa Rosa Memorial hospital, where doctors performed two surgeries to save his leg.

Steinley shares his survival story below:

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