Watch: Climate activists spray paint on Walmart heiress’ $300m superyacht

Protestors spray paint superyacht moored in Ibiza

Environmental protestors from the campaign group Futuro Vegetal have spray painted Walmart heiress Nancy Walton Laurie’s $300 million superyacht, Kaos. This, the group says, marks the end of its campaign ‘Jets and Yachts, the party is over.’

Two protesters used biodegradable paint sprayed from fire extinguishers to coat the back of the yacht, moored in Ibiza, in red and black.

The group argues on Facebook that: “The only reason we continue to maintain an economic system that leads us to eco-social collapse is to sustain the privileges of this small privileged class. The mega-rich live off the suffering of others. It’s the people on top of the social pyramid who put all life on the planet at their service, forcing us to work to sustain its system, exploiting animals and destroying territory no matter how much suffering and death it entails.”

Activists target superyachts

Police arrested the two protesters who vandalised the yacht.

A crew member from a yacht nearby to Kaos told the MailOnline the damage to the vessel will likely cost its owner “millions” and slammed the “useless” port security.

“If Kaos had left ten minutes earlier, it would have been our yacht,” he says. “They took ages to come and police didn’t even arrest them, they just took them in for questioning.”

Kaos had been moored in the marina for five days and was scheduled to leave Ibiza yesterday (16 July 2023), however, it was vandalised before the crew was set to sail.

Vandalism of superyachts isn’t a new phenomenon. A yacht infamously linked to Conservative peer Michelle Mone was ‘renamed’ by political protestors over a taxpayer-funded PPE controversy earlier this year (February 2023). Campaigners from the British political campaign group Led By Donkeys  located Lady M in a marina just south of Barcelona on the Catalan coast and pasted the moniker Pandemic Profiteer on its side. And, in 2021, Olympic sailors joined Extinction Rebellion to block access to Fawley Oil Refinery.

Futuro Vegetal describes itself as a collective of civil disobedience and direct action fighting against the climate crisis by adopting a plant-based agri-food system.

Futuro Vegetal states: ‘We don’t have time to keep trying the same tactics we’ve been using for years.

‘We need the entire population to be aware of the critical point that we have reached as humanity and of the intergenerational violence that institutional policies entail in the face of the climate crisis.’

Millions in Europe, the US and Asia are currently being impacted by a severe heatwave that shows no signs of abating. The Cerberus heatwave has been scorching parts of Europe, with numerous temperature records being broken across the continent.

All images courtesy of Futuro Vegetal via Facebook. Below is footage of the group spray painting what is believed to be a privately owned jet.

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