Wessex Resins and Adhesives donates to Protect Our Winters UK

Wessex Resins and Adhesives is delighted to announce it has donated 1 per cent of its annual turnover for the ENTROPY RESINS® product range to Protect Our Winters UK.

This is part of the company’s commitment to 1% for the Planet, a global movement inspiring businesses and individuals to support environmental solutions through annual membership and everyday actions. 1% for the Planet, a non-profit organisation, brings financial donations together with ‘doers’ who are approved ‘environmental non-profits’, such as Protect Our Winters UK.

Protect Our Winters UK is a collection of passionate outdoor people who strive to protect the places and lifestyles they love from climate change. Founded in 2007 by professional snowboarder Jeremy Jones, it’s a community of athletes, scientists, creatives and business leaders advancing non-partisan policies that protect our world today and for future generations with the aim of achieving carbon neutrality by 2050. The organisation advocates for renewable energy, electric transportation, carbon pricing policies and preventing fossil fuel extraction on public lands.

“We chose this worthy organisation to donate to,” says Ian Oliver, Managing Director Wessex Resins, “as we manufacture Entropy Resins products, a range of bio-based epoxy systems that are used to make action sports goods, such as skis, snowboards, skateboards, surf boards etc. We currently supply our epoxy to some specialist manufacturers of skis and snowboards, such as the UK companies, DOUK and Nix as well as supplying the manufacturers of world renown boards, such as Burton Snowboards. It’s a great fit as my family and I love to ski and of course, climate change in general is very important to all of us.”

“This is incredibly generous of Wessex Resins and much needed given the current financial situation,” says Al Conroy, trustee of POW UK. “A donation of this nature makes a huge difference to our overall funding and I can’t understate the contribution it will make to our mission.”

Wessex Resins has been working in partnership with Gougeon Brothers Inc. for nearly 40 years. Under licence from GBI, the company manufactures WEST SYSTEM®, PRO-SET® and ENTROPY RESINS® epoxies in the UK for distribution throughout Europe, Africa and the Middle East.

Entropy Resins are used for coating and laminating, compression moulding and casting and embedding. By employing green chemistry techniques that require less energy and produce less harmful by-products, Entropy Resins products reduce the greenhouse gas emissions from production of the epoxies by 33% over conventional petroleum-based epoxies.

Petroleum-based carbon is replaced with renewable plant-based carbon. The raw materials going into Entropy Resins products are co-products or waste products of other industrially important processes. These materials do not compete with food sources or displace food-based agriculture.

The WEST SYSTEM and PRO-SET ranges have a long-distinguished history that has earned a unique place at the heart of the worldwide epoxy user community. They are durable, water resistant and perfect for making lightweight modern structures. Not surprisingly the strength, versatility and resilience of the epoxies means that today, the products are used in many other industries as well – from civil engineering to architectural restoration to wind turbines and even musical instruments.

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