West System reformulates 207 Coating Hardener


Epoxy brand West System has reformulated its 207 Coating Hardener. In addition to offering high strength and moisture resistance properties, West System says the new 207 Special Clear Hardener offers an exceptionally clear finish.  

As with its previous iteration, structures made with West System 105/207 Epoxy are said to be super solid with excellent bonding and barrier coating properties. The combination will still provide a structural adhesive for glueing and laminating (maintaining compatibility with paints and varnishes). The firm says an ultraviolet inhibitor included within the formulation of 207 hardener provides a long-lasting finish when used with a high-quality UV-filtering varnish.

“We’ve done this in response to user feedback,” says Ian Oliver, managing director of Wessex Resins and Adhesives (the company which manufactures West System, Pro-Set and Entropy Resins, under license from Gougeon Brothers Inc). “West System epoxy has been in continual development since it was first created over fifty years ago. Each development in its chemistry is weighed up for its practical application – strength and suitability of purpose — and its aesthetic value. When people put time into building boats and other projects, they want the end result to be spectacular and showcase the hours of work.

“Builders deserve to have the best finish with no compromise in the basic function of the product. After much R&D together with GBI, we have reformulated the West System 207 Special Coating into the West System 207 Special Clear Hardener. The end results are like nothing else seen on the market.”

Wessex Resins says it will continue to produce West System 207 Special Coating Hardener (alongside the reformulated West System 207 Special Clear Hardener) for a short period of time, for those who are currently using the original formula on projects.

West System 105/207 Epoxy is used for coating and fibreglass cloth application where an exceptionally clear moisture-resistant, natural wood finish is desired with the added benefit of being more blush resistant.

Thin film applications roll out and tip off smoothly, requiring less sanding in preparation for finish coatings. Three coats or more can be applied in one day without additional surface preparation. Fewer coats are required to fill fibreglass weave and, in most cases, the final coating can be sanded the following day.

It is formulated without volatile solvents resulting in a very low VOC content. It has a relatively high flash point, no strong solvent odour and does will not shrink after curing.

Recently Wessex Resins announced that it had been reducing the amount of plastic packaging used. Wherever possible, the company is opting for using recyclable materials, like cardboard, for the epoxy products it manufactures.

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