Over 250 sails saved from landfill in first year of recycling scheme


British sailmaker OneSails GBR (East) says it has recycled, reused, and repurposed over 250 old and unwanted sails in 12 months, since partnering with marine charity ReSail in March 2023.

Founded by not-for-profit organisation Clean Sailors in 2020, ReSail helps tackle the issue of old sails ending up in landfill. According to Clean Sailors, 97 per cent of sails end up in landfill.

OneSails signed up to the global ReSail ‘drop off’ platform in March 2023 to collect old and end-of-life sail materials.

“We joined ReSail to help create a circular economy in sailmaking, where old sails avoid landfill and are recycled, repurposed or re-used,” says John Parker from OneSails GBR (East). “To be honest, we didn’t know whether it would strike a chord with people, but the response has been fantastic.

“Over 250 sails in less than a year shows sailors are conscious of their environmental impact and want to reduce their waste. We have now started collecting old rope as well as sails, and we’ve found interesting and creative ways to find new uses for both.”

Resulting from the success of the ReSail scheme, OneSails has formed a partnership with a local charity named Suffolk At Play. The charity takes its ‘Scrapstore PlayPods’ filled with loose parts (tyres, pallets, rope, and other recycled items) into schools to encourage children to use their imagination at playtime. The charity also offers training sessions for educational settings and it has now expanded its offering to Bristol in addition to its Suffolk network.

“OneSails’ results show the will of consumers to reduce waste and the need for the marine industry to create opportunities to fulfil that demand,” says Holly Manvell, founder of Clean Sailors. “As shown by OneSails, the ReSail scheme is a simple and effective way of making a difference in the global fight against marine waste.”

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