Azimut-Benetti Group and D-Marin begin €15m Livorno marina build

Azimut-Benetti Group and marina company D–Marin will begin work on Livorno marina in Italy this month (April 2024).

During a press conference held on 28 March in collaboration with the Livorno mayor’s office, D–Marin and Azimut-Benetti Group revealed that the entire project is expected to be completed in June 2026. The first parts of Livorno marina will be available to customers ahead of schedule.

The joint venture with Azimut-Benetti Group and D-Marin will deliver to the city of Livorno one of the most notable marinas in the Mediterranean, designed by Archea of Florence. The marina will have 815 berths in total. 

The expected investment is approximately €14 to €15m. The project includes the renovation of the docks, meeting spaces, premium leisure and entertainment amenities. More than 220m2 of the site will be reserved for restaurants, 60m2 for bars, and 250m2 for offices.

“Livorno is delighted to have its own marina,” says Luca Salvetti, mayor of the city of Livorno. “After 16 years, the procedure to effectively grant the concession was finalised. As a result, work will soon begin on the construction of the marina, enriching a part of Livorno that connects the city centre to the seafront. This represents another milestone in the development, growth, and transformation of the city, which will benefit from the boost to the local economy in terms of both tourism and employment.  Our thanks go to all those who have worked to achieve this goal, and not least the Livorno yachting industry, which has obtained a 20-year concession with 450 berths”. 

Paolo Vitelli, founder of the Azimut-Benetti Group, adds: We have been working for 20 years with institutions and the local community to materialise the Porta Mare project. Today we are proud to launch the final version of the plan approved and appreciated by all the stakeholders involved. 

“The Livorno marina will be a state-of-the-art realisation: the historical Medici harbour is incorporated in a modern, beautiful, eco-friendly marina open to the town and to international visitors. To further strengthen the project, we have recently partnered with D-Marin, the largest and most successful marina operator in the Mediterranean. This collaboration will ensure the provision of high-quality management and innovative services to national and international boat owners arriving in Livorno.”

Nicolo Caffo, general manager of D-Marin Italia, says Livorno will be one of the most “prestigious” marinas in the Mediterranean, “built on shared values aligned on premium customer experiences, commercial excellence, sustainability commitments, and innovations.”

He adds: “In partnership with Azimut-Benetti Group, D-Marin will ensure Livorno marina flourishes and becomes the renowned yachting hub we know it can be”.

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