British Marine appoints new president

British Marine president Robert Parton

British Marine, the trade association for the UK leisure, superyacht and small commercial marine industry, has appointed Robert Parton as its new president, effective from 18 July 2024.

Parton, who has served as president-elect for the past two years, takes on the presidency with an agenda aimed at advancing the sector’s understanding of sustainability legislation requirements and enhancing training opportunities.

Parton is owner and managing director of Aqueduct Marina, an inland marina and boat yard in Cheshire that opened in 2009. An active member of British Marine for over a decade, Parton is also a Marina and Boatyard Operative, End Point Assessor; part of the team of independent end point assessors and quality assurers at British Marine.

Parton says he is a passionate advocate for training and skills development, believing that people are the cornerstone of the industry. His leadership style is marked by his commitment to environmental sustainability and practical, sensible approaches to industry challenges.

“I am honoured and more than a little surprised to find myself assuming the role of president at such a pivotal time for our industry,” he says. “My focus will be on driving environmental sustainability and enhancing training opportunities across our membership. Together, we can foster a more innovative and responsible marine industry.”

British Marine CEO Lesley Robinson, adds: “Robert’s leadership comes at a crucial time when our industry is navigating significant changes. His proven dedication and innovative approach will be invaluable in steering our collective efforts. I am looking forward to working closely with Robert to ensure our members receive the best support and opportunities for growth.”

Under Parton’s presidency, British Marine says it will intensify its efforts towards environmental initiatives, supporting members in adopting greener practices and alternative fuels. He is also committed to addressing the challenges in training access for remotely located businesses, aiming to expand British Marine’s educational programmes to better serve all regions.

A strong believer in the power of networking, Parton is keen to encourage face-to-face interactions among members, fostering a more connected and collaborative community.

The appointment comes after British Marine confirmed the appointment of five new non-executive directors to its board, also effective from 18 July 2024. British Marine has also appointed Lyndsay McClay — Marine Industry News‘ multi-talented commercial manager — as the new president-elect.

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