eVTOL designs launched for superyacht owners

Klissarov Design, an independent vehicle design studio based in the French Riviera, has revealed designs for Acro. The company says this is a first of its kind electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) concept vehicle for yachts.

This eVTOL is specifically aimed at the market segment of yacht owners/users who would be normally looking to buy a leisure submersible like the U-Boat Worx Nemo, explains Emmanuel Klissarov. He says that during the last 15 years he has helped shape the design of vehicles for a range of international brands such as Renault and Mercedes-Benz.

Klissarov is aiming to fulfil the ‘booming demand for new experiences and adventures associated with yachting’. Thus, Acro is an ultralight recreational eVTOL concept vehicle that will provide an ‘aerobatic, fun and emotional’ experience. He hopes that the time required for it to come into mass market production is similar to cars – within three to four years – although he says a prototype could be underway within a two year timeframe.

The vehicle’s propulsion system is based on a cycloidal rotor technology, which allows for full 360° thrust vectoring, seemingly offering exceptional manoeuvrability and stability. This new breed of aircraft will not only provide the ultimate flight enjoyment and safety above the water, says the company’s statement, but also the ability to land on yachts in almost any sea/weather condition. The very low noise pollution, electrical propulsion system and compact form factor will not require the need for a traditional helipad.

Klissarov showed his designs at Monaco Yacht Show. “I had the opportunity to show the project to some clients as well as helicopter operators and manufacturers. The response was quite positive in the sense that they expressed never having seen anything like that. The design was really well appreciated, and since I back it by relying on Cyclo Tech’s technology on the rotors it is taken more seriously.”

Showcasing the tech is part of his plan. He believes the road to eventual orders of the vehicle is a long one. “At this stage in order to start a physical model or a prototype I need the required investment to follow the vision and develop it.

“Pricewise, at this stage only informatively, it should be between 100k and 150k Euros.”

Earlier this year U-Boat Worx released the interior design for its Nautilus yacht-submarine, a hybrid vessel inspired by Jules Verne’s classic novel, Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea.

The hybrid concept is expected to serve as both a private explorer yacht and a fully functional submarine that can dive to 150 metres and has a range of 3,200 nautical miles.

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