Futuristic sailing gigayacht concept unveiled

Designer Steve Kozloff has unveiled a new gigayacht concept called Galleon.

Inspired by the multi-decked sailing ships of the past, the concept yacht has been brought up to date with the addition of modern-day amenities including both indoor and outdoor pools, a full-sized basketball court, aircraft hangar, a heliport and four submarines among other features, according to Design Boom.

The concept is an expansive eight deck 160m yacht, with its massive size giving it the flexibility of being a cruise ship for up to 200 guests, a sailing vessel with up to 20 private residences, or a large sailing yacht for one owner.

The upper deck comprises a lounge area, a full luxury bar, and a 22.5m by 10m outdoor pool, while a 13.5 by 7.6m indoor pool is located on the level below the bridge. Both pools feature an automated hard cover design by Kozloff that can seal them so they don’t drain in rough conditions.

In addition, according to Design BoomGalleon features an indoor sports centre with a full-sized basketball court, a tennis court and four handball courts.

Galleon also has four full-beam garages designed for six luxury speedboat tenders, four U-boat worx NEMO submarines, six rib tenders, and 21 personal water crafts. Each garage is equipped with a launch and recovery system for all water vessels. The 1,370 sqm fully enclosed hangar includes space for 10 helicopters and an aircraft maintenance facility.

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