In Focus: ePropulsion offers extended warranty for Spirit outboards

ePropulsion is now offering a five year warranty for all new purchases of the ePropulsion Spirit series outboards – until the end of December 2023.

“We take pride in being the pioneer in the segment when we introduced the free warranty extension in 2021, setting a new benchmark for exceptional service and support to our customers,” says Chang Zhao, CMO of ePropulsion. “By adding another two years to our extended warranty, we believe our uncompromising commitment will set us apart in the industry and hope this encourages more boaters to make the switch to electric propulsion.”

Between 12 May and 31 December, customers who purchase an ePropulsion Spirit series electric outboard and register on the official website, will receive an extended five-year warranty at no additional cost. This includes the existing three-year warranty and two-years of extra protection.

“We care about and appreciate our customers and our focus on delivering an exceptional ownership experience should lead them to see us as partners throughout their boating life,” says Danny Tao, co-founder and CEO of ePropulsion.

“Our outboards are the perfect addition to small personal watercraft and we know that our customers will be more than satisfied with the quality of construction, long range and enjoy all of the benefits of the quiet, emission-free and exhaust-free power of our product line. We stand behind our products and are more than willing to prove it with an industry-leading factory-backed warranty.”

The move follows a similar announcement by Torqeedo earlier in May, which more than doubled its warranty on its Travel motors – to five years.

Tomorrow MIN discusses ePropulsion’s plans to expand its battery and commercial markets. Read the interview with CEO Danny Tao.

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