Lürssen chosen as one of 50 sustainability climate leaders

Lürssen is being featured in a global documentary series in cooperation with Bloomberg about 50 climate leaders, based on the climate goals of the United Nations (17 SDGs). The series of films intend to show that leading global companies from various industries can and are taking the issue of sustainability seriously.

Shipyards and the yacht industry do not have a particularly sustainable and environmentally friendly reputation. However, Lürssen wants to show that there are technologies and activities for sustainable products and production processes.

“A current project is the research of finding new ways to make better use of the powerplant installed in a yacht,” says Peter Lürssen. “We are researching fuel cell technologies and by the end of the decade we should have emission-free yachts sailing the oceans. The day-to-day challenge for us as shipbuilders is above all to integrate highly dependable, new technologies into a confined space, to enable trips to the most distant areas of the world and at the same time to meet the high demands of our customers for the quality, design and efficiency of our yachts.”

The company cites the substantial amount of money it spends in research, cooperation with research institutes and support to universities. Numerous innovative technologies have already been successfully implemented on its yachts, says Lürssen, including efficient lighting concepts, heat-insulated glass fronts, exhaust gas cleaners and hybrid drives.

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