Pajot Custom Yachts announces a partnership with the Wider shipyard

Marc Pajot has announced a collaboration with the Italian shipyard Wider for the construction of, what it terms, its radically innovative and ecological catamaran superyacht.

The Ancona-based shipyard, headed up by Marcello Maggi, was chosen for the quality of its aluminium superyachts, says Pajot, and also for its ‘born electric’ strategy.

Wider is one of the first to build large environmentally friendly superyachts thanks to a hybrid diesel-electric propulsion system, says Pajot. Its concept has been recognised by numerous awards, including the RINA Green Plus. The expertise acquired now enables Wider to drastically reduce fuel consumption and to envisage a zero-emissions yacht with 100% electric operation within five years.

The boomless mainsail concept of the eco-catamaran, which is very simple and safe to use says Pajot, combined with a diesel-electric Pod powertrain and green energy production, gives this yacht the ability to move fast, economically, and in silence. Approaching the coast or the shoreline, the 100% electric powertrain (with zero CO2 emissions for 30 miles) corresponds to the future zero-emissions requirements in ports (on the horizon for 2030).

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