New leadership at Mustang Survival and the Wing Group

New leadership at Mustang Survival and The Wing Group New leadership at Mustang Survival and The Wing Group

The lifesaving equipment design and manufacturing company Mustang Survival has appointed Kenny Ballard as its new president.

Ballard takes over responsibilities from Juanita Killen, who stepped into the role of interim president in 2023, leading the company through a challenging year following the resignation of former president Jason Leggatt.

Additionally, Lance Richardson, an expert in domestic manufacturing and efficiency, takes on the newly created role of VP, manufacturing and innovation for the Wing Group, Mustang Survival’s parent company.

Ballard brings experience from previous executive roles with renowned brands, including Osprey, SwissGear, Wenger Outdoor and Kelty.

“Kenny’s history of exceptional leadership across a diverse spectrum of outdoor businesses uniquely qualifies him as the ideal candidate for this pivotal role at Mustang Survival,” says Andrew Branagh, CEO of the Wing Group. “Kenny has consistently worked across the retail sector and knows how to navigate the complexities of commercial and military operations.”

Ballard adds: “I’m ecstatic to be working with a brand with a heritage of innovation, saving and protecting lives and enabling everyday marine adventures … and I am excited to align business with my passions.”

Ballard will lead from the Mustang Waterlife headquarters Vancouver, BC, which includes the local manufacturing facility. He’ll oversee the newly moved and expanded Jacksonville, Florida, plant, operations in Spencer, Virginia, and the overseas office in Salisbury, UK.

Richardson will have his desk next to Ballard’s at the Vancouver headquarters. As an Arc’teryx and Herschel alumni, Richardson’s supply chain and manufacturing expertise will fold into the needs of the Wing Group.

“I am excited to join the Wing Group, which, across its brands, has an incredible history and future in making purpose-built safety products for people who need and use them,” he says. “It’s an honour to join the team and work to enable, protect, and save lives.”

Branagh adds: “I am thrilled to have Lance join the Wing Group on the corporate level to implement the iterative efficiency process in manufacturing. We are starting the year strong by adding these two experienced professionals to the workforces of Mustang Survival and the Wing Group. We’re looking ahead to continue to serve our customers and consumers better with the best products available.”

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