QuenchSea achieves production funding via indigogo

QuenchSea achieves production funding via indigogo

An invention called QuenchSea is on its way to help people turn seawater into freshwater. The company was looking to raise $50,000 to begin production of its ‘low cost, portable, desalinator’ – and with indigogo reporting £180,000 in its pre-orders – it appears as if the product will be available shortly.

QuenchSea is said to turn seawater into fresh drinking water, weigh less than a bag of sugar and take an hour of manual pumping to achieve two litres of fresh water.

Those behind the portable desalination device are working towards helping millions in need, they say.

Each full price purchase will see the company provide one additional device for use by humanitarian clean water partners, as part of its ambitious vision to solve the global water crisis.

“We’ve pledged to donate 100 million units by 2027. And impact a billion people,” says Lee King, CEO of London-based start-up Hydro Wind Energy, the company behind QuenchSea.

He says the product is hard wearing and reusable, with only the filters needing to be replaced (time period varies due to usage) – this will cost around £7.85.

“This is a groundbreaking product that has taken more than a year to develop,” says King. “We started out trying to make a low-cost device that could help solve the world’s water crisis but soon realised its weight, dimensions and price-point made it ideal for the adventurer market.

“That is why we have combined both routes to ensure a positive humanitarian outcome. Two thirds of the global population live in water scarce areas and seven million die each year from water related diseases. We hope this product launch can go some way to solving that.”

Watch how it works here:

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