Icom launches IC-SAT100M Satellite PTT mobile radio

Icom launches IC-SAT100M Satellite PTT mobile radio

The IC-SAT100M is the world’s first satellite PTT mobile radio and uses the Iridium satellite communication network, says Icom.

Designed to be used either in-building or installed in vehicles /vessels, the radio provides a global service to users with the push of a PTT (Press to Talk) button. It can be used as a communication tool in remote and isolated areas where there is no mobile phone or land-based radio network infrastructure.

It uses the Iridium satellite network in the same way as its handheld counterpart, the IC-SAT100 handheld. The system uses 66 Low Earth Orbit Iridium satellites that provide broader, more reliable network coverage compared to Geosynchronous Equatorial Orbit satellites. As part of a satellite two-way radio system, an organisation can get wide-area global coverage across the whole earth, including the Arctic and Antarctic.

The IC-SAT100M has been designed for use inside a building as well as in-vehicle and on vessels. Whereas the handheld can be supplied individually (e.g first responders, engineers, security) the mobile can be used as a base radio in a building.

Because of its VE-PG4 RoIP gateway, the IC-SAT10M can interconnect with other two-way technologies including IP phone, WLAN, LTE, digital/analogue radios, and other communication systems.

The company says the IC-SAT100M is a perfect communication tool for governments, military, border security, coastguard, local government, disaster response teams, humanitarian, multinational, energy-exploration organisations plus any user that need to communicate in remote, isolated areas or for emergency assistance where terrestrial communication does not exist. It can be incorporated as part of a much larger satellite PTT system with its handheld counterpart the IC-SAT100.

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