Spectacular: man sinks two trucks trying to rescue $300,000 speed boat

Spectacular: man sinks two trucks trying to rescue $300,000 speed boat

After a family’s $300,000 Pavati AL26 boat began to sink in Cedar Lake, Indiana, several different recovery methods were attempted before they brought in a Jeep Wrangler and Ford Raptor off-roader. But nothing could save the boat.

In this video from Region News Source, with thoughtful commentary about the unfolding ‘s***-show’, the family is already in dire straits.

The entire situation is a bit of a head-scratcher according to Caleb Jacobs for the The Drive, and it’s unclear how the wake boat started sinking in the first place. 

“Regardless, the move to deploy the Wrangler and then the Raptor was questionable at best given the depth of the water. For a boat, it was shallow. For a couple of trucks, no matter their four-wheeling pedigree, it was way too deep,” says Jacobs.

Cedar Lake is a state-owned body of water and driving one car, let alone two, into it is a no-go.

Family Attempts To Save Speed Boat On Cedar Lake

A family that lives on Cedar Lake attempted to rescue their sinking boat by using the family vehicles according to emergency personnel Saturday evening. We are told the owner did not bring his helicopter out to assist. This is a current incident and we will have a full update as this story develops. Currently they are dealing with Indiana Conservation Police and The Cedar Lake Fire Department Marine Unit. 📷 – Kevin Walsh

Posted by Region News Source on Saturday, 20 June 2020

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