40 luxury yachts to gather in northern Taiwan ‘Yacht Frenzy’

40 luxury yachts to gather in northern Taiwan ‘Yacht Frenzy’
Image courtesy of the Maritime and Port Bureau.

A fleet of 40 luxury yachts will be cruising around the Keelung Islet, a 4.9-km distance from the Port of Keelung, between September 19 and 20 in a yacht event organised by the Maritime and Port Bureau. According to Taiwan News, this is the first time that people will be allowed to stay onboard overnight.

Staying overnight costs NT$2,000 (US$68). The revellers will board the boats at 19:00, relish the facilities and stargazing, and watch the sunrise to wrap up the experience.

Guests can also buy into manoeuvring a yacht. Each session is restricted to 10 to 15 minutes and costs NT$500. There are 200 openings available for those who have a license.

The event is set to take place at the Badouzi Fishing Harbor of Keelung in northern Taiwan.

Parties, fishing, scuba diving, and a variety of ocean-themed activities promise to make the yacht festival a fun-filled gathering, say the organisers. This is the seventh year that the bureau has held leisure yacht events to promote tourism and the country’s abundant oceanic resources.

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