ActiveTarget™️ | High Resolution Live Sonar


ActiveTarget is an easy to use sonar system from Lowrance, which enables you to see live, below the water, with extraordinary clarity and breathtaking detail. ActiveTarget removes the guesswork from traditional sonar interpretation, allowing users to see how and where fish are positioned among structures and see their direction of travel.


ActiveTarget offers users multiple views enabling you to see around and beneath your boat by using the forward, down or scout views.

Forward View:  See structures and fish that are in front of your transducer, so you can perfectly target your next cast.

Down View:  Know the depth and see live what is directly below your transducer, so you can drop your lure right on the fish.

Scout View: See a live, wide-view, in front of your transducer to quickly see what is around and which direction you should be casting.

ActiveTarget Live Sonar includes all trolling motor mounts which include shaft mounts for forward, down and scout views, motor mount for forward and down and a motor mount for scout view.  A transom mount is also available as an optional extra.


Used By

Used globally by leading fishers worldwide such as Mike Laconelli, Jordan Lee, Skeet Reese and Gary Klein, ActiveTarget enables you to see fish, follow their direction, place your lure on them and watch them react and strike – live.

Find out more

To find out more about ActiveTarget, pricing and product specifications, please visit Lowrance.

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