Maxwell Marine’s retractable anchor arm


The Maxwell Marine retractable anchor arm is designed for boat owners who want to maintain the sleek profile of their boat and prefer a discreet anchor system. With its streamlined design and smart functionality, it seamlessly integrates into your vessel’s structure, providing both aesthetic appeal and practicality.


What sets Maxwell’s system apart is the user-friendly operation. A single button press allows for an effortlessly opening hatch, deploying the arm, and securely closing the hatch in one swift motion.

Thanks to its fast actuation, the anchor extends, and the hatch closes in under 20 seconds, minimizing downtime and ensuring efficiency. With versatile power supply options of 12V, 24V, 48V, or hydraulic, the system ensures compatibility with a wide range of marine setups.

The actuator system possesses several key features that make it a standout choice for marine enthusiasts. Its integrated clutches provide soft stops when extending or retracting the anchor arm. This ensures precision and gentleness in handling the anchoring needs. The anchor arm is compatible with a wide range of Maxwell windlasses.

To suit the vessel’s aesthetics and functional requirements there are many options, with a variety of finishes to choose from. These include mirror-polished stainless steel, satin-finish stainless steel, or powder-coated options. Rollers, pins, and a chain stopper are fairly simple to remove and replace.

Frequently asked questions

Can this stand up to rough seas or would it bend or break?

All Maxwell bow rollers hold around 80 percent of the chain breaking load in the vertical plane. If the arm experiences unusually high lateral forces due to the boat veering, there is a risk of bending, as there is with any bow roller.

This looks like an expensive solution. Is this true?

Concerns about the cost and repair expenses of this product are not entirely unfounded, but it’s essential to consider the factors contributing to its price. The majority of the cost lies in the fabrication of robust components, like the 316 stainless steel and the gearbox, which are built to withstand wear and tear effectively.

It is crucial to remember that quality often comes at a higher price however this does not necessarily mean it will be expensive in the long run. The arm is carefully crafted from premium marine-grade stainless steel 316L, offering options for either a mirror-polished or bead-blasted finish. This design ensures versatility and worry-free anchoring in various conditions. With a streamlined system composed of top-tier components, maintenance of the anchor arm is straightforward and cost-effective, ultimately providing excellent value . The retractable anchor arm has a standard warranty.

Is it suitable for all anchor chain or rope/chain rodes?

The actuator design works with both chain-only and rope/chain anchor setups, leading to greater flexibility. Maxwell Marine offers assorted sizes for 16kg and 25kg anchors and can customize for other sizes as needed. The actuator includes an asymmetrical pivoting roller to keep the anchor secure when stowing, ensuring a reliable anchoring experience for all boat types, making maritime adventures more convenient and worry-free.

What happens when the power goes out?

The anchoring solution, made from marine-grade stainless steel, withstands the harshest of marine environments. It comes equipped with an integrated chain stopper, enhancing safety and stability during anchoring operations. In the event of a power outage or when manual operation is preferred, the system provides flexibility for manual operation. Loosening the clutch on the gearbox, which actuates the arm, allows to manually extend the arm, ensuring a safer experience.

Is it difficult to clean?

Additionally, for added convenience, there is an option for integrated anchor chain washdown piping and nozzle, making maintenance and cleanup amazingly easy. With these features, the anchoring system not only prioritizes safety and reliability, it also offers versatility and ease of use for anchoring needs.

So, it isn’t too complex?

Each moving part has a dedicated function, we have over 50 years’ experience with manufacturing marine equipment. This equipment is robust and works reliably while being soaked in salt water daily. The solution we are using is far from complicated and is well proven technology.

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To find more information on Maxwells anchoring solutions please visit the Vetus website.

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