Digital Yacht launches Nomad 2 portable AIS transponder


Digital Yacht’s Nomad 2 is a new, portable AIS transponder designed for maritime users that move from boat to boat – charter skippers, delivery crew, pilots or boat owners looking for a zero-install AIS system. 


The Digital Yacht’s Nomad 2 is a full function Class B unit so AIS data is transmitted with current vessel identity and position information as well as receiving other local AIS traffic. It has a wireless interface so is designed to be used in conjunction with an iPad, tablet, PC or MAC and is compatible with hundreds of apps including Navionics, NavLINK, AquaMap, TimeZero etc.  Both AIS and GPS positioning data are available so there’s no need for a device with internal GPS.

Portability is key so it uses a USB power interface allowing it to take power from portable battery packs, USB outlets or a simple cigarette lighter-USB adaptor.  It’s also supplied with a compact combination GPS-VHF antenna so can be used on larger vessels where an internal GPS signal may be shielded. The USB connection also can provide AIS data for a PC or MAC setup.

Configuration and programming is simple thanks to its wireless interface – simply connect via a phone or tablet, open the browser and the unit can be programmed with vessel identity information. The same interface can be used for diagnostics and to silence the transmissions if required.  No specialist software or apps are required.

Performance data

  • The AIS solution for charter users, rental boats, delivery skippers, pilots and commercial users
  • Full function Class B transponder (send and receive AIS)
  • Supplied with combination GPS-VHF antenna which has industry standard 1″ threaded mount – suitable for many third party deck, rail and pole mounts
  • Integrated wireless and USB interfaces – compatible with hundreds of AIS ready charting apps
  • USB powered
  • Easy programming and control through wireless web interface – no apps required
  • Silence transmissions via the web interface
  • Supports up to seven connected devices
  • Creates its own access point and also has the ability to join an existing wireless network if required

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Nomad 2 is priced at £695 plus vat and is available now. 

There’s also a free app (iAIS) available for simple target displays. 

For further information visit Digital yachts website

For enquiries please contact

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