Agilis Jettenders produces new model with 32 million custom combos

Interior of flat deck Agilis Jettender 500D with white seats and fold down swim platform

Agilis Jettenders has announced details of its latest tender, the Agilis 500D. Aside from its specifications, more on that below, the company says it features over 32 million combinations of colours, materials, and accessories available. Imagine the joy/stress of that much choice.

Nevertheless, the 500D has a Mercury 2.0L diesel engine that delivers 150hp. According to the company, the design offers up to 40 per cent more interior space, including a flat floor. Featuring D-shaped tubes, it seats eight people and has a rear folding door. That leads to a flat platform, providing access to the swimming area. It’s a spacious design with practical features to cater for short drives and more adventurous trips.

Aerial view of Interior of Agilis Jettender 500D as it powers through water leaving wake

“The Agilis 500D marks a significant step forward in tender innovation,” says Maxym Starchenko, CEO. To make this step forward, the deck layout’s completely flat floor and flat-folding door in the rear, the “tubes are unconventionally sized. Instead of making them round, we have made them D-shaped, resulting in higher interior space,” he says.

One of the biggest challenges in that process was making the design decisions mentioned above while maintaining a size that fits in the garages of yachts. “By integrating advanced technology and user feedback, this model aims to meet the evolving needs of buyers,” says Starchenko. “The 500D provides a versatile and efficient solution for all yacht owners and crew.”

Agilis Jettenders tenders are made in Germany, in a new facility located in Jülich. It’s a family-run business, but it exports via dealers around the world, with its main markets in Europe and North America. It sells its tenders primarily to motor and superyachts at 30+ metres or sailing yachts of 35+ metres.

Agilis Jettender 500D on water with two people onboard

The original jet tender idea came about when Starchenko noticed that not a single jet tender he used could meet all his needs. So, he made a draft of his perfect tender and decided to start producing it.

The 500D retails at €95,000 ex VAT + options.

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