Amico & Co unveils new superyacht hub in Genoa

Amico & Co presents the Waterfront Marina, a new centre devoted to hosting superyachts, their crews, owners, and both yacht and charter managers in the heart of Genoa.

The Waterfront Marina stretches over 43,000 square metres of water, with two quays 460m in length and a completely new 70m structural pontoon. The marina can host 26 superyachts up to 110m in length, while also providing a four megawatt electrical system, a Wi-Fi cabled internet connection, a water supply, and a black and grey water collection and disposal system at every berth.

The on-land area spans over 15,000 square metres and offers services and amenities including changing rooms, a yoga studio and a barbecue zone. There’s also a car park with over 100 spaces, 13 of which are for electric vehicles.

Thanks to this new, high-tech infrastructure with high quality standards and a series of complementary services for crews, managers and owners, we wanted to further enhance what we can offer and confirm the leadership of Genoa and its territory at an international level,” says chairman, Alberto Amico.

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