Blown out to sea in an inflatable toy in a Force 5

Whitstable Lifeboat Crew has issued a warning about the dangers of using inflatable beach toys after the lifeboat was called to assist the RNLI Lifeguard at Leysdown, Isle of Sheppey, when the occupant of such a toy found himself being blown out to sea in south-westerly Force 5 winds last week.

The lifeboat crew arrived on scene and located the casualty, a male in his 20’s, onboard the lifeguard’s rescue board after she had paddled out to assist. The casualty had been blown out to sea in an inflatable dinghy of the beach toy variety.

Lifeboat Helmsman Dave Parry comments: “We cannot emphasise enough the dangers of using inflatable toys on the sea. They are designed for use in pools not in open water and in an offshore wind can easily and quickly be carried out to sea.

On this occasion the casualty reported to us he had not realised the strength of the wind and we advise all beachgoers and those venturing into and onto the water to always be aware of wind and tide and if using small craft of any type, to be properly equipped with buoyancy aids, a means of communication such as a mobile phone in a waterproof pouch and clothing suitable for the kind of activity being undertaken.”

Both the casualty and lifeguard were brought onboard the lifeboat and wrapped in a thermal blankets, the crew then recovered the inflatable dinghy and all were returned to the lifeguard hut at Love Beach, Leysdown.

Image courtesy of RNLI Whitstable.

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