Candela C-8 to be offered on boat share subscription

Candela’s C-8 electric hydrofoil speedboat will soon be available for boat sharing in Stockholm and Mallorca through Agapi Boat Club.

Swedish-based Candela, which recently secured a €24 million investment, will incorporate the C-8 into Agapi’s boat share scheme, which offers users subscription service access to premium boats across Scandinavia, the UK, Mallorca, Menorca, Marbella and Crete.

Since the launch of the C-8 three months ago, Candela says it has received over 100 orders for the high-tech boat and is now sold out for the remainder of 2022.

“We see that demand for the Candela C-8 is extremely high. By offering the C-8 for sharing, more people can experience the thrill of electric hydrofoiling, which is in line with our mission of decarbonising leisure boating,” says Gustav Hasselskog, CEO of Candela.

“To be working with Candela and being able to include them in the Agapi Boat Club fleet going forward, is a major step in our mission to disrupt traditional boating for a more sustainable future, where more people can get access to the very best of premium boats and a hassle-free boat life,” says Agapi Boat Club CEO Peder Asplund. 

The C-8 is also built for a ‘no-maintenance boating experience’. The Candela C-POD drive train is designed for 3,000 service-free hours.

“While most leisure boats are only used 30-50 hours per year, a shared-use craft might run hundreds of hours per week which requires frequent and costly overhauls of conventional ICE outboards.

“The electric Candela C-POD drive train is designed for commercial use and will also power our upcoming hydrofoiling ferry Candela P-30 as well as the new taxi boat, Candela P-12. The goal is to provide a new level of product reliability, which obviously has many benefits for boat sharing,” says Hasselskog.

With a claimed 30-knot top speed, Candela says C-8 is five times more efficient than conventional electric boats, which enables long all-electric range at high speeds.

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