Chasing Tokyo: behind-the-scenes British Sailing documentary bares all

Sailing boats in Olympic games on water for Chasing Tokyo documentary

For the first time, the British Sailing Team is baring all in a feature documentary called Chasing Tokyo, which tells the hidden story of the most successful Olympic sailing team as they head to one of the most uncertain Olympic Games in history.

Filmed during the height of the pandemic, Chasing Tokyo follows a handful of athletes selected to represent Team GB at Tokyo 2020 through some of their most intimate moments.

Chasing Tokyo will be available to stream at today (28 July) – the trailer is below.

Eilidh McIntyre (pictured left) features in the documentary

Shot over two years, the Olympic Channel documentary charts the team’s physical and mental preparations as they get ready to compete, set against the extraordinary backdrop of uncertainty caused by the global pandemic which led to the postponement of the Games.

British Sailing reached out to York-based film company Orillo Films to produce the story that got to the core of the success and heartbreak as athletes embarked on a turbulent journey to the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.

From the moment Covid derailed the original Games to desperately trying to get abroad to keep up with their rivals, from travelling to Tokyo to behind the scenes at the Team GB sailing base, athletes bear their hearts and souls to tell the true story of what it takes to go to an Olympics.

It tells the compelling story of Eilidh McIntyre, an Olympic debutant chasing her first gold medal – and aiming to continue her father Mike’s family legacy with the Games. McIntyre’s journey is one of unfettered determination, drive and belief as she attempts to live up to the pressure of racing with Hannah Mills, herself attempting to become the most successful female Olympic sailor of all time.

Chasing Tokyo also follows London 2012 silver medallists Luke Patience and Stu Bithell as they seek success again almost ten years on with their new sailing partners Chris Grube and Dylan Fletcher.

Olympic first-timers Tom Squires and Emma Wilson lay bare their experiences in the RS:X windsurfing class, battling to stay at the top of their game when all but the Tokyo 2020 athletes have moved onto new foiling equipment.

Providing an insight into the lives of Britain’s best sailors, this unique tell-all documentary lifts the curtain on the training, the dedication and the highs and lows of a unique Olympic Games journey.

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