Compact and powerful 10 kVA generator


The WhisperPower 10 kVA generator is compact, runs silently and takes little fuel but produces a large amount of power.


Silent and efficiently, WhisperPower 10 kVA, nicknamed the Piccolo 10, provides electric power aboard mid-size yachts for the use of household appliances. Thanks to the electronic PMG (permanent magnet generator) inverter output, the 10 kVA generator provides ideal power quality for home appliances such as washing machines, small air conditioners, electrical cooking hob and battery chargers. The new WhisperPower Piccolo 10 is the smallest, quietest and most powerful in its class.

Performance data

The three-cylinder diesel engine provides the power at a low fuel consumption of 2.6 to 3.8 litres per hour. The engine can automatically adapt the engine speed from 2,400 rotations per minute up to 2,800 rpm, depending on power demand.

The Piccolo 10 is Stage V, EPA, Tier 4 certified to outperform current emission requirements and live up to future emission standards. It fits in a compact housing upon a groundplate of 74 x 55 cm, at a height of 62 cm. This lightweight box provides excellent sound insulation, reducing hearable noise down to 60 decibels (dB). This is less than the noise level of a dishwasher in the kitchen. When installed in an engine room, hearable noise will be down to an even lower dB. The weight of the whole set is 175 kilograms (385.8 lb).

WhisperPower says a typical 10 kVA generator set has a much higher weight (400 kg) and usually produces 80 dB of noise, the level of a lawn mower or a crowded restaurant. Sound levels above 85 dB are considered harmful.


The Piccolo 10 sets a new standard in ecologically conscious power. This resonates with the company’s mission to offer autonomous energy solutions that aid in reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Since its inception in 2007, WhisperPower has been focused on innovating intelligent energy systems that require less generator run time, thus resulting in significant fuel and emission savings. Bolstered by the swift advancements in battery technology and digital power management, WhisperPower is at the vanguard of developing zero-emission off-grid power supplies.

WhisperPower’s OctoPower system harnesses energy generated from solar, wind, and hydroelectric sources, storing it in high-performance battery reservoirs. It can be supplemented by the industry’s most efficient diesel generators to fulfil auxiliary power needs and supplement e-propulsion power, thereby acting as a reliable backup energy source.

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With the 10 kVA generator, WhisperPower provides a complete integration of the power supply and electric systems on board. Batteries, converters, monitors, controllers, and all components necessary for power supply and distribution are available from the company.


To find out more about WhisperPower, please visit the website.

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