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Established in 2007 and headquartered in Drachten in the Netherlands, WhisperPower’s ongoing mission is to deliver grid-independent power systems to contribute to a cleaner and brighter future. WhisperPower rolled out the first edition of low-emission, hybrid diesel generators in 2010, whose quiet-running and fuel efficiency made an immediate impact on their marine, mobile and off-grid customers. 

WhisperPower is an international leader in the development, production and maintenance of modern zero-emission solutions such as OctoPower, along with diesel generators to cover hotel power load demand as well as e-propulsion backup power. WhisperPower’s products are used worldwide in places that are (temporarily) without normal electrical power. This includes onboard motorboats/yachts, commercial vessels and many types of vehicles and in remote locations. As energy usage increases, so does the demand for green energy solutions.


Silent and efficient, the Piccolo 6 (6 kVA generator) provides electric power aboard mid-size yachts for the use of household appliances. Thanks to the electronic PMG (permanent magnet generator) inverter output, the 6 kVA generator provides ideal power quality for appliances such as washing machines, small air conditioners, electrical cooking hobs and battery chargers. The new WhisperPower Piccolo 6 is the smallest, quietest and most powerful in its class.

Performance data

The two-cylinder 6 kVA diesel engine provides the power for domestic luxury on board at low fuel consumption of 1.7 litres per hour up to a maximum 2.5 litres per hour, automatically adapting the engine speed from 2,500 rotations per minute up to 2,800 rpm, depending on power demand.

This advanced genset performs while producing minimal emissions: the Piccolo 6 is Stage V, EPA, Tier 4 certified to outperform current emission requirements and live up to future emission standards. It fits in a compact housing upon a groundplate of 54 x 47 cm., at a height of 54 cm. This lightweight box provides excellent sound insulation, reducing noise down to 65 decibels (dB). This is the noise level of conversational speech or a dishwasher in the kitchen. When installed in an engine room, noise will be down to an even lower dB. The weight of the whole set operational is 145 kilograms (319.7 lb).


This performance at such small size and footprint brings environmentally sensible power generation on board to a new level and makes the Piccolo an ideal choice for modern yachts. WhisperPower’s goal is to provide off-grid energy solutions that contribute to a reduction of emissions.

Development of smart energy systems in which a generator needs to run less time and thus save on fuel and emissions has been WhisperPower’s aim since the company started in 2007. Supported by the rapid development of battery technology and computer-controlled power management, the company is on the forefront of creating zero-emission power supply off grid.

WhisperPower’s OctoPower solution harvests solar, wind and hydro generated electric energy to store in highly efficient battery banks. This can be supported by the most efficient diesel generators to be used as a back-up to cover hotel power load demand as well as an added power source for e-propulsion power.

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With the new 6 kVA generator, WhisperPower provides a complete integration of the power supply and electric systems on board. Batteries, converters, monitors, controllers and all components necessary for power supply and distribution are available from the company.


To find out more about WhisperPower, please visit the website.

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