Yamaha High Thrust outboard range


Known for the superior quality of its engines, combined with industry leading performance and the latest technologies, Yamaha is at the forefront of marine innovation. Using its many years of experience developing outboard engines for the different sectors of the marine market, Yamaha has designed and manufactured a range of outboard engines and rigging to suit professional applications. Yamaha’s High Thrust engine range is built for jobs that call for more muscle on heavier displacement craft. The new range range enhances the on-water experience for operators of commercial and recreational craft alike.


High Thrust engines are available in 300hp 60hp, 50hp and 9.9hp. These engines use larger lower units with larger propellers and often higher gear ratios to provide the high-thrust and improved manageability that are often required for these applications.

Digital network gauges provide real-time outboard performance, so all boat systems, and environmental data is at your fingertips, available in a range of display options for single- or multi-engine applications and configurable for most marine electronics manufacturers.

Yamaha’s award-winning, Multi-Function Tiller Handle is an option on outboards from 25 – 130hp including the FT50 and FT60 models. It features an ergonomic design for easy shifting, and control with comfort grip. The control features include throttle, throttle friction control, shift lever, key switch, stop switch and a Power Trim and Tilt switch.

For added convenience and extending the life of the engine, a Freshwater Flush Device was added to allow flushing without running the engine.

The space-saving Single Overhead Camshaft (SOHC) four-cylinder design of the 996cc T 60hp and T 50hp engines with composite long-track intake systems and proprietary YDC-30 aluminium alloy result in four stroke outboards that are light, compact and generate tremendous thrust. When cruising or working closer to shore, there’s the Shallow Water Drive to support users that need extra versatility.

Also available in both 20- and 25-inch shaft lengths, the 212cc T 9.9hp outboard can power boats with up to 25-inch transoms that venture into deeper, rougher waters. At just 46kg, it provides a surprising combination of high-thrust power and portability.

Performance data

When paired with a Yamaha Dual Thrust propellers, (optional on the T 60hp and the T 50hp and standard on the T 9.9hp) Yamaha’s High Thrust outboard engines produce up to 60 per cent more forward thrust and up to 70 per cent more thrust in reverse.

Also, Microcomputer Ignition adjusts timings to maintain optimum engine performance, economy, and power under all conditions. Meanwhile, precision Multi-Point Electronic Fuel Injection on the T 60hp and T 50hp delivers the exact amount of fuel needed for optimum performance and efficiency and Yamaha’s EFI optimises fuel atomisation, further enhancing fuel economy.

For maximum reliability, incoming air is routed through an Air Intake Labyrinth System that traps and drains water before it enters the engine’s intake.

Used for

Powerful workhorses, Yamaha’s High Thrust outboards are ideal for use on heavier RIBs, workboats, and floating work platforms among other applications. On the recreational side, the extra thrust delivered makes it easier to manoeuvre a sailing boat in a crowded marina.

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For more information on Yamaha and its range of outboards visit their website.

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