Damen opts for ‘try before you buy’ tug simulator

Damen’s ASD 2312 Tug is now available at simulator centres globally, facilitating a ‘try before you buy’ experience.

It is also available in the SimFlex Cloud, following an agreement with Force Technology, a maritime research and development company and a specialist in developing simulators for the maritime industry.

The SimFlex simulator model of the ASD 2312 Tug is said to provide an accurate and realistic experience that corresponds to the actual vessel. 

Bastin Kubbe, Damen regional service manager Asia Pacific says: “Originally, we came up with the idea to design a simulator model for the ASD 2312 because of the various covid lockdowns and travel restrictions in countries such as Australia and New Zealand.

“We want to enable our customers to thoroughly test our vessels in an accessible manner prior – or during the acquisition process. Simulations can assist customers when deciding on the tug type they require, but they are equally important after an acquisition, when the simulator can be used for training purposes for existing and new customers. The SimFlex simulator is a super realistic, immersive experience. Operators can really see how the Damen ASD 2312 Tug manoeuvres in real life.”

“Previously, customers would have to fly to one of our yards which can be difficult currently, given the various lockdowns and travel restrictions. By collaborating with Force Technology and creating access to this new Damen design, every port in the world can now simulate operations with the Damen ASD 2312,” continues Kubbe.

This isn’t the first of Damen’s vessels in Force Technology’s simulator portfolio. Jan Michelsen, head of department, simulation, ports & training at Force Technology, comments: “We use advanced modelling techniques to ensure a realistic environment in our own and client simulator training facilities. This is achieved by using mathematical ship models that respond exactly like the actual vessels. Our models are based on an eclectic approach where sea trials, as well as data from physical model tests derived from our towing tank, wind tunnel test facilities and from numerical calculations (CFD), is applied to ensure that the reactions of the simulated vessel replicate reality.

The Damen ASD 2312 Tug is a compact, multipurpose ASD Tug delivering 70 tonnes of bollard pull, and has patented twin fin skeg plus twin Azimuth thrusters. Damen says the obstacle-free working deck provides a safe working environment for the six crew members, as does the integrated winch which handles both forward and aft operations.

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