Denison reports charter business growth and sales boom

Denison Yachting has revealed its latest figures, highlighting a substantial increase in charter trends and sales.

The Florida-based company says that its completed 75 superyacht transactions so far this year, which is up 15 per cent on 2020 and is a 56 per cent increase on 2019.
Denison Yachting’s 2021 sales now account for 16 per cent of all global superyacht sales.
Since 2019, Denison Yachting says it has sold more large yachts than any other brokerage firm globally, having completed 190 superyacht transactions, 15 per cent more than any other brokerage house in the same period.

The company was most popular in the US, the Bahamas and New England. Denison’s Charter Management Fleet is centric to those areas and due to Covid-19 restrictions in early 2021, many owners decided not to send their yachts to Europe. In the past 2-3 years Denison has seen a prolonged charter season in The Bahamas, which is leading to many yachts staying based in Florida.

In 2020, charter trends also showed a 65 per cent increase in total number of weeks booked. There was also a 73 per cent increase in the total amount of charter fees.

Image courtesy of Denison Yachting

This year saw Denison receive a much higher demand for larger and more expensive yachts, with a 40 per cent increase in the value of each charter week booked in 2021.

“We believe that as we move into 2022, clients will be excited to get back to Europe and we wanted to ensure we are there to serve clients globally,” says Denison Yachting president, Bob Denison.

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