Design win for BMT with patrol boats for Gibraltar Squadron

Design win for BMT with patrol boats for Gibraltar Squadron

BMT’s design, partnering with Marine Specialised Technology (MST), has been selected by the MoD to provide two state-of-the-art, high-speed, fast patrol vessels.

With an overall length of 19m, the new design, which is capable of 40 knots, will be operated by the Royal Navy’s Gibraltar Squadron.

The company says this latest contract is a significant milestone.

Built by MST, the two high performance naval assets will be capable of operating in the most demanding of conditions and will be delivered over the course of the next three years.

“We are excited that our design has been selected for this technically challenging project,” says Sarah Kenny, BMT’s chief executive. “This contract is a great reflection of the way our teams can combine expertise to produce a winning design, as well as a tailored ILS package. The 19m vessels will provide a step forward in enhancing operational capabilities for the Royal Navy’s Gibraltar Squadron.

“BMT has an extensive range of proven in-service patrol boats for the demanding military and coastguard sectors in the UK and overseas. This latest contract underscores our agility in producing carefully tailored designs that suit each individual operator’s particular requirements.”

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