Dometic: New BP124 lithium ion battery pack

The Dometic BP124 Battery Pack with integrated charger is ideal for supplying energy to 24-volt compressor coolers and is compatible with the Dometic CoolFreeze CFX, CDF and CF series of compressor coolers and freezers.

Paul Hickinbotham, Product Director Marine EMEA, Dometic, said: “The BP124 is a very convenient way for people to run their Dometic coolbox when they are away from their house, car or other power source. It will keep a Dometic CoolFreeze CFX28 coolbox as a fridge for up to 60 hours.”

Featuring the latest Samsung technology, the high-quality battery set with lithium ion cells has an output voltage of 24 V and a charging voltage of 29.4 V. Charging takes around five hours, with an LED displaying the battery charge level.

The BP124 battery pack weighs 2.5 kg and measures 200 x 150 x 65 mm and is supplied with charger and charging cable.

Easy to transport, the award-winning CFX series of coolboxes feature a heavy-duty design with reinforced corners, stainless steel hinges and robust lid coating. Dometic has upgraded all models larger than the CFX 28 to include app controls. The latest addition to the range is the dual-zone CoolFreeze CFX 75DZW for simultaneous cooling and freezing.

The Dometic CF and CDF series are additional ranges of compact, lightweight coolers and freezers, designed for portability and easy storage.

The Dometic BP124 is available for £332 RRP incl VAT.

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