Dromeas Yachts launches legal action after dealer allegations

Aerial view of Dromeas Yacht

Dromeas Yachts, the Turkish boatbuilder which moved its head office to Hamble Point Marina in the UK in 2022, says it is initiating immediate and decisive legal action against claimed false and defamatory statements made by a former dealer. The allegations, which Dromeas calls ‘baseless’, are said to ‘inaccurately portray Dromeas’s business practices and its unwavering commitment to excellence’.

In a media statement, the boatbuilder says: ‘It has come to our attention that a slander campaign, coupled with misleading information, is circulating to tarnish the reputation of Dromeas Yachts and cast doubt on the integrity of our business operations. We categorically state that these allegations are unfounded, malicious, and without merit.’

The statement adds that although Dromeas Yachts faced initial challenges in the wake of the pandemic, it is a young company devoted to delivering top quality products and services to esteemed clients with professionalism and transparency. The company says it is resolute in overcoming obstacles, and its focus remains on achieving swift resolutions.

the statement continues: ‘In response to these false claims, Dromeas Yachts is taking immediate legal action to protect its reputation and ensure justice is served.

‘We are committed to vigorously pursuing all available legal avenues to hold those responsible for spreading false information accountable for their actions.

‘While there are open topics that require resolution, Dromeas Yachts affirms that all necessary measures are being taken to address these matters internally and confidentially. We emphasise that these discussions should remain between the involved parties and not become a public matter.

‘Dromeas Yachts reiterates its unwavering commitment to upholding the principles of honesty, integrity, and transparency. Our loyal clients and partners can be assured that we will continue to prioritise delivering exceptional yacht experiences and maintaining the highest standards in the industry.’

Dromeas Yachts was founded in early 2017 and now has two large production facilities in Izmir, Turkey, plus the UK head office. There’s a dealership network worldwide circa 15-strong. It says its mission is to build the best and safest lightweight, sandwich fibreglass offshore powerboats from 6 to 15 metres as centre consoles or hardtops.

In early 2023, Lotus Investment Group invested into Dromeas’ group of companies, including DRM Advanced Composites, which opened in 2022.

The investment was earmarked to expand its business globally and enhance its production, performance and quality. At the time, Dromeas reported it had a full order book well into 2024, and its expansion plans included the addition of new models (smaller yachts under 28 feet, the new 38 Series, and a 40-plus foot flagship model in 2024).

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