Flying electric daycruiser outsells combustion engine boats

As predicted, Candela has racked up more than 60 orders for its €290,000 electric boat, the Candela C-8. This makes the flying C-8 one of the fastest-selling 28-foot boats on the market, says the Swedish company.

It uses a new version of the company’s patented hydrofoil system and flies above the waves with greater range than any other electric boat.

Compared to the company’s first model, the smaller and hand-built C-7, the C-8 is made for rapid mass production which allows Candela to sell it for a price that is in line with conventional premium, fossil-fuel boats.

Five weeks after launching the C-8, Candela has more than 60 orders for it, which makes the novel electric powerboat one of the best-selling 28-foot premium boats in Europe.

“According to our data,” says Mikael Mahlberg, Candela’s communications manager, “the C-8 is the second or third fastest-selling powerboat in the 28-foot category in Scandinavia. Not just electric boats, but any type of power source. By year’s end, we expect to have a real impact on combustion engine boat sales in this size category.”

Mahlberg says that the Candela C-8 is a far bigger and more capable boat that offers new features not found in other boats. Flying on computer-controlled hydrofoils that lift the hull above the waves and reducing energy consumption by 80% compared to traditional powerboats, the C-8 can cruise for more than 2.5 hours at 20 knots. The hydrofoils also reduce slamming by 90% compared to conventional hull boats.

“The C-8 will not just have longer range than other electric boats, it will offer a better ride experience than any boat out there. In 3-4-foot chop, you’ll be able to drive at 30 knots without feeling the waves. It will be like a magic carpet ride,” says Mahlberg.

A Candela C-7 is currently in use by France SailGP Team, allowing VIP guests and media to watch the races up close.

“Having Candela as a VIP boat is an important step to fulfill the sustainability criteria in the Impact League, to reduce fuel consumption of our chase boats and our overall fooprint. Now, the French team is taking the lead in this important area,” says Bruno Dubois, team manager.

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