GAC Pindar launches ten-year sustainability programme

GAC Pindar has announced a ten-year sustainability programme in conjunction with its parent GAC UK, the Grangemouth-based shipping, logistics and marine services provider.

The plan starts with MARS25, covering 2021-2025, and featuring over 30 sustainability objectives which are aligned with the United Nations’ sustainable development goals. The next five years 2026-2030, will build on and develop MARS25 successes.

“We are committed to significantly reducing our environmental impact, improving the well-being of our people, and influencing our business partners to do the same,” says QHSSE manager, Laura Grizzell. “And to achieve it, we need collaboration from everyone across our business. It’s a real team effort.”

Strategies and objectives include actions such as eliminating any waste to landfill, providing energy efficient office equipment, and ensuring any office relocations are sustainable. Office related CO2e will be tracked across the 20+ UK, Ireland & Gibraltar offices, lighting will be replaced with energy efficient solutions and the country-wide paper printing reduction programme will continue. Offices will transfer to renewable energy sources where solutions are available and work equipment, stationery and corporate merchandise, workwear and PPE will be responsibly sourced and sustainable. As Official Logistics Provider to The Ocean Race, the GAC Pindar team will continue to promote and support the Race’s and other CleanSeas initiatives.

GAC UK says it will encourage drivers to choose electric vehicles and has committed to no new petrol or diesel company cars after 2021. Company mileage CO2e will be tracked and actions taken to reduce it. The UK fleet of forklifts will switch from diesel to electric. Globally, the GAC Group, a signatory of the Getting to Zero Coalition, has made a statement of intent to upgrade all the workboats in its fleet to significantly reduce emissions.

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