Highfield Boats triples factory space

Aluminium RIB supplier, Highfield Boats has released the first images of its brand new production space, increasing the company’s capacity threefold with an additional 17,000 sq metres.

Completed at the end of 2021, Highfield Boats‘ new facility in Weihai, China, totals 26,000 sq metres, and houses its new state-of-the-art production equipment including an advanced laser cutting line, automatic powder coating line and robot welding. 

Despite the global difficulties of last year, Highfield Boats says it supplied 5,950 boats for both leisure and commercial use to over 48 countries and territories. Funded by £7 million of investment, the company says the large-scale expansion will enable capacity to continue to increase, while providing an opportunity to implement major upgrades to the production process.

European marketing manager, Steve Harrison, comments: “This huge expansion shows Highfield Boats’ firm commitment to both growth and sustainability, further cementing the company’s position as the number one RIB producer in the world. 

“Here at Highfield Boats we pride ourselves on our in-house approach to production. Every process of the build schedule takes place within the walls of the new factory, from design to finishing, including our new exclusive powder coating line for our hulls, and teak flooring production.”

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