NautiBuoy launching four new superyacht inflatable platforms

inflatable platforms for superyachts

NautiBuoy is launching four new modular inflatable products for superyachts at boot Düsseldorf. First up is a ‘a drive on, drive off’ e-foil dock.

This has been designed to dock the wide variety of e-foiling boards now available. NautiBuoy says it takes seconds to inflate and attaches to existing platforms, using the company’s air toggle technology.

The C-shade is a canopy for boaters who want to stay cool. It can also be used while floating freely, anchored at the shore, or on the beach itself and allows guests to enjoy shaded areas throughout the day.

NautiBuoy’s new inflatable and netted ‘sea pools’ create a ‘comfortable space to enjoy the water without the risk of jellyfish or other sea life’. These are available in two sizes and are designed so that water toys and small tenders can be docked alongside. Similarly, other products from the NautiBuoy range can be connected.

The final addition is a double bay jet ski dock which is described as providing valuable protection to jet skis in varying sea conditions and allowing riders to drive straight into the dock.

It can be used as a stand-alone product or connected to the sea pools and platforms.

“We are thrilled to launch four new premium products at boot Düsseldorf 2024,” says Clay Builder, NautiBuoy co-founder and head of UK sales. “Superyachts are a luxurious playground for adults and children alike – our journey began with a vision to innovate usable space on the water, and today, we proudly unveil four new additions that epitomise the luxury and enjoyment of an onboard superyacht experience.”

Builder enjoyed an 11 year career on several large sail and motor yachts. After 100s of wash downs using guest ready tenders and even more hours repairing jet skis and damage caused to transoms, as well as frustrating days spent looking for marina rafts, Builder says he realised the need for multi-functional inflatable platforms that yachts could always have access to and easily stow on board. Now the DAME award winning company, which is owned by Air Group Industries, a Dutch company that has been manufacturing inflatables for the last 30 years, is expanding its range.

The inflatable platforms are designed to attach and extend the aft of a superyacht to create customisable beach clubs. Available in four sizes, the platforms can be connected in a variety of different ways to create everything from large traditional beach clubs, jet ski pontoons and water-sports centres to classic walkways, a diving platform and a secure maintenance platform, with the optional addition of C-docks SEABOB docking stations, inflatable steps and L-Bow joints for high transoms. The modular platforms connect via Air Toggle technology, an entrapment free connection which means no hard or mechanical parts are needed. Due to the inflatable design, platforms can be rolled up and stored in a tender garage. The largest platform weighs 42kg and can be carried by just two crew members.

NautiBuoy’s been in action for ten years. Builder says the biggest challenge the company’s seen during that time, aside from covid and the supply chain challenges, has been the understanding from potential customers about the vast benefits and uses of NautiBuoy.

He says although the products are made using premium materials, they are so much more than a simple platform for tenders and toys. “They are extremely easy to deploy and quick to inflate, combined with multiple configuration options for a bespoke and functional yacht accessory – and once customers experienced this, word of mouth spread like wildfire and we have enjoyed a very successful ten years.”

He’s now looking forward and says: “Maximising our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility and cutting edge technology in Europe will be our biggest opportunity over the next ten years.” The facility will enable NautiBuoy to design and develop the platforms, accessories and bespoke orders for clients all around the world, whether for pleasure of maintenance.

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