Irish fishing boat expelled from British waters post Brexit

An Irish fishing vessel has been boarded and expelled from British territorial waters after new Brexit deal rules came into effect, according to The Express.

It had been preparing to cast its nets when the patrol boat, Jura, arrived.

Adrian McClenaghan, the vessel’s captain, was informed as an ‘EU vessel’ he was no longer allowed to fish near Rockall.

Speaking to Irish broadcaster RTE he said: “We were fishing in Rockall and members of the crew from the Jura boarded us.

“They informed us that we could no longer fish inside the 12-mile limit of Rockall.

“The Scottish navy are continuing to patrol the 12-mile limit and we’re waiting on further instructions from the Department of Foreign Affairs on what their next move will be.”

McClenaghan, who employs nine crew, contacted Ireland’s department of foreign affairs about the incident.

According to RTE around 30 percent of his annual catch comes from around Rockall.

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