Killer whale submarine to go under auction in the Netherlands

Killer whale submarine to go under auction in the Netherlands

A submarine that is a replica of a killer whale, which can perform aerial stunts like those seen in the film Free Willy, is set to be auctioned in The Netherlands.

According to local media reports, this unique marine vehicle reaches speeds of up to 62mph, can jump more than 16 feet into the air and travel 34mph underwater.

Named the Seabreacher Z, the submarine will be put on auction at BVA Auctions in the Dutch city of Amersfoort, with a starting price of 25,000 Euros, or £22,590.

It can be viewed from 14 July, and the lucky recipient of the “ultimate diving machine” will be established on 4 August.

According to the Seabreacher website, the submarine is an “unforgettable sight, like the twisted union of a marine mammal and a high performance fighter jet.”

It features a two-seat cockpit, a marine grade stereo system and bluetooth, and even a fully customised upholstered interior, from which the pilot and passenger can enjoy a near 360-degree view when flying through the water.

The model also has a Rotax 260hp supercharged engine, and a fully vectored thrust system, which make it “the most extreme watercraft on the market today” according to creators Innespace Productions.

Founded in 1997 by New Zealand boat builder Rob Innes and certified machinist Dan Piazza, the company specialises in high performance submersible watercraft for the recreational market, as well as racing and demonstration events.

The Seabreacher submarine itself was built in Mexico and has a 300-horsepower motor, and can allegedly undertake aquabatic tricks like diving, jumping, rolling and porpoising.

It is officially categorised as a speedboat, so there’s no special license needed to operate it, and it can be transported easily on the back of a trailer.

Alongside the current Seabreacher Z model being auctioned, there is also a shark and a dolphin-inspired version of the elite submarine.

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