Lantau Yacht Club receives five gold anchors

The Marina Industries Association (MIA) has awarded Lantau Yacht Club (LYC) five gold anchors after its extensive rebuild. 

Five gold anchors is among the highest accolades that the industry awards and is reserved for marinas which offer customers consistently high standards of service and facilities.

“Gold anchor is a simple and credible way of communicating to potential customers the marina’s commitment to quality facilities and services,” says MIA CEO Suzanne Davies. “Gold anchor is to marinas, what the Michelin guide is to restaurants.  There are over 200 gold anchor marinas accredited in 27 countries around the world and the program is really ‘on the move’ and expanding in numbers and locations.”

LYC’s typhoon-sheltered marina offers 148 berths ranging from 10 to 60m and is the first yacht club in Hong Kong capable of accommodating superyachts of up to about 100m in length.

“We are delighted that Lantau Yacht Club is accredited as a five gold anchor marina on its first anniversary by Marina Industries Association,” says Ivan Lee, vice president of the club. “At LYC, all infrastructure and facilities, on water and on shore, were designed and built according to the most stringent requirements, while the system, procedures, as well as customer service were carefully crafted to attain the best marina quality, offering outstanding environment and experience to our members and crew.”  

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This article was written and/or edited by the UK-based MIN team.

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