Lyndsay McClay appointed new BM South chair

Lyndsay McClay Lyndsay McClay

Marine Industry News is delighted to congratulate Lyndsay McClay (nee Hall) in her new position as chair of British Marine South. Better known to MIN as its commercial manager, McClay has been active in the marine sector for circa six years, and takes up the voluntary role of chair after a year on the BM South committee.

McClay’s responsibilities include making sure that events the committee run reflect the trade association’s wider ‘pillars’, so she will be focusing the committee’s efforts this coming twelve months on underpinning British Marine’s push for recruitment and training, and respecting the environment.

McClay says she’ll be looking to make her volunteering for British Marine more than the straightforward committee attendance.

“You have to put in the work, that’s the whole point,” she says, in her no-nonsense attitude which MIN clients are no stranger to. “I’ll be giving time back to the industry and investing in the industry and supporting the industry.

“People like each other and support each other in the marine sector. I listen to customers everyday tell me what they want from British Marine, and how they want to be supported. The best way I can help them get what they need is to step up and take a seat at the table.

“Wearing my British Marine hat will be adding a layer of support to the people I’m working with at Marine Industry News and across the sector. It’ll mean supporting companies at a business level, looking at how are we moving forward as an industry, how we can be more environmentally conscious and how BM can help solve the staff and recruitment challenges we’re all having.”

McClay says she is keen to hear from anyone in the region (reputedly the largest in terms of both member numbers and geographical spread) with suggestions, gripes and constructive criticism.

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