MRE and MM collaborates with North East Safety Boats

Manor Renewable Energy (MRE) is collaborating with North East Safety Boats in Hartlepool on several civil and marine projects, supplying vessels, plant and personnel, while Manor Marine (MM) provides engineering support for the project including vessel maintenance, fabrication and mechanical engineering.

North East Safety Boats, MRE and MM will provide marine support services and expertise while concrete repairs are carried out on the Forebay Beam at Hartlepool Nuclear Power Station, a project which includes the use of a mooring system specifically designed for the needs of Hartlepool Nuclear Power Station.

“This is an exciting collaboration for us, as North East Safety Boats are a growing company and our service offerings complement theirs to offer a reliable, comprehensive service,” says Billy Hamilton, sales director at MRE. “Utilising the capabilities from both MRE and MM means that we are able to offer a bespoke, all-inclusive range of services to an expanding selection of industries.”

Manor Renewable Energy and Manor Marine’s project scope includes the provision of a workboat for towing and support purposes, a welfare unit and a 2000 litre diesel bund. A separate welfare barge has been created using the NATO pontoon system, upon which the welfare unit and diesel bund will be installed. The welfare unit will accommodate personnel from North East Safety Boats over the course of the project, while the diesel bund will be used to refuel the plant, vessels and welfare unit.

“Collaborating with MRE and MM broadens the capabilities of NESB whilst also offering further support to the client,” says Gareth Southcott, operations director at North East Safety Boats. “As NESB grows as a company, we are looking to further our portfolio of pontoons and vessels and with the support of MRE and MM the future is looking very promising with a number of projects in the pipeline for further collaboration.”

The project with North East Safety Boats is due to run until August 2021.

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