This new generation of intelligent sailing display offers unparalleled visibility, with complete customisation or easy-to-use multi-function templates and automatic dashboards based on your angle of sail.

Nemesis offers:


Super wide viewing angles, brilliantly crisp data, visible from anywhere on board, with and without polarised sunglasses.


Choose from pre-set dashboards, or configure Nemesis your way, and by point of sail. Portrait or landscape orientation.


Seamlessly link to your B&G instrument network and control your display via touchscreen or Apple Watch®.


The Power to see the sailing data you trust, the way you want to see it. Nemesis Displays allow you to define what data you see, when and how you see it, no matter what conditions, providing an intuitive link between your trusted instrument network and the real world. This all in one customisable display can be mounted in either Landscape or in Portrait and is designed for use on the mast or in the cockpit to display all the sailing data you need, as you need it.

Performance Data

-True Wind Speed

-Boat Speed


-True Wind Direction

-True Wind Angle

Find out more

Nemesis display is available in both 9” and 12”, find out more at information about Nemesis and the other products in the B&G range at: page&utm_campaign=Nemesis

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