New large yacht code out for consultation

Members will recall from previous latest news articles and technical reports that British Marine’s technical team, alongside several Superyacht UK members, has been involved in the rewrite of the Large Yacht (LY3) and the Passenger Yacht codes. The last stakeholders’ working group meeting was held at British Marine’s offices back in June. A few more months’ hard work and now the Red Ensign Group (REG) is pleased to announce the that the Industry Stakeholder Engagement Exercise for the development of the Red Ensign Group Yacht Code is live on the REG website, and is seeking industry feedback.Full details on the Code are available on the website, including further information on the new draft Part A (Large Yacht Code) and Part B (Passenger yacht Code), along with the common annexes. A basic change table is also provided for your information, as well as feedback form which should be used when providing comments. All feedback forms should be sent to the REG by the closing date of the exercise on the 13 October 2017.The website for the consultation is:

All responses should be submitted to: If you would like to copy British Marine into your response, please send them to Ed Tuite, Technical Executive, at:

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