New product portfolio for Ultimate Boat Company

Scottish boat builder, The Ultimate Boat Company, has launched a brand-new product portfolio of power craft.

Designed by John Moxham, who has previously designed boats for the Special Boat Service and the RNLI, and built at its production facility in Glasgow, the new models have been designed and optimised for specific applications.

The range consists of Professional (up to 10.5m), Coastal (up to 8.5m), Offshore (up to 16m), Seafari (up to 12.5m), Search & Rescue (up to 8.5m) and Tactical.

The company says its patented hull technology redefines the way a planing hull interacts with the water, applying fluid dynamic principles, that were first conceived during the development of the XB-70 Valkyrie supersonic bomber, to reimagine hull technology and hydrodynamic performance.

Hydraulic lift is said to be generated by modifying and then manipulating waterflow beneath the craft, with the hull also producing better quality waterflow across the propellers, increasing grip which provides superior manoeuvrability and tighter turning with little loss of speed.

One of the key practical advantages, it says, is the helm’s ability to easily maintain a constant visual on the horizon through its linear transition onto the plane, which is derived by mitigating stern squat and associated bow lift.

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