New sound systems from Fusion

By | May 10, 2018

New Zealand company Fusion, who specialise in marine sound systems, has introduced their new Apollo Series of marine audio entertainment systems. Building on their long experience of marine systems, Fusions claims that their new systems ‘will forever change the face of marine entertainment and set new standards for sound quality’.

The flagship of the new Apollo Series is the RS770 which they claim is the world’s first purpose-built marine entertainment system with a one-piece glass touch screen display. It incorporates built-in Wi-Fi streaming, advanced digital signal processing (DSP) and PartyBus capabilities. Using the brilliant, optically bonded, full-colour LCD display, the RA770’s glass touch screen makes trying to locate the right button a thing of the past. Users can simply tap the screen to pause and play, or swipe through a play list to find their favourite song. The stylish display has been designed to blend with the modern ‘glass’ helms and is an attractive addition to any steering station.

Included in the new Apollo Range is the SRX400, which is a more compact version which also includes the Wi-Fi streaming, DSP and the PartyBus functionality. PartyBus allows users to have individual sound in various cabins on board or to link into the main channels. It also allows control from a smart phone using the Fusion App and in addition it allows maximum flexibility of the systems.

“For many years our head units have defined marine audio entertainment,” says Chris Baird, Managing Director of Fusion Entertainment. “Whilst there has always been an ability to add features, no one has created a major shift in development until now. After listening to our customers and closely examining trends and innovations in other industries like touch screen and glass helm systems, we knew it was time to change everything. We are very excited to introduce Apollo to the world.”

The Fusion DSP provides premium audio delivery to all speakers in any environment and it ensures that every step of the audio chain is optimised through calculations by its audio engineers to deliver a technically superior listening experience. Setting up DSP profiles is made simple with the free FUSION-Link app. With just a few clicks, boat owners can set up the preconfigured DSP profile to play high-quality audio customised for their ears and their specific environment. Precisely calculated loudness curves optimised for the human ear ensure quality audio delivery at every volume level, giving quality, full-range sound whether the volume is turned all the way up or all the way down. Special arrangements have been made to enable boat builders to have the system fully tuned to their new boats so they emerge from the yard fully set up for the client.

Offering more source options than ever before, the Apollo RA770 offers users the ability to play their favourite soundtrack via Bluetooth, Optical Audio (TV), Advanced SiriusXM features (USA only), DAB+ ready (available in Europe and Australia only), AM/FM radio, AUX and USB. The world’s first marine Wi-Fi stereo, users can finally stream music from a mobile device via Universal Plug and Play, providing the highest quality audio streaming available. With the built-in Wi-Fi, the Apollo series can also wirelessly connect multiple Apollo stereos without running any cables, reducing installation time, cost and complexity.

The Apollo RA770 and the SRX400 feature 4.3-inch and 2.7-inch displays respectively and are rated for dust and water protection from the front when correctly installed. The units include an internal Class-D amplifier and the RA770 has two RCA auxiliary inputs, one SPDIF port for TV audio output, one Ethernet port, one USB 2.0 port for phone charging and media playback, one SiriusXM port, one Motorola antenna connector port and it is DAB+ ready. The SRX400 has one Ethernet port and one Motorola antenna connector port.

The systems are offered with a range of advanced speakers and many boat builders are now offering the new Fusion sound systems as part of their original equipments. This allows the installation to be developed in the design from the early stages and ensures the purchaser the best possible quality sound.

Close to $4 million has been invested in the development of this new sound equipment to set new standards in the boat sound market.

Fusion is now part of the Garmin empire of marine and leisure electronics and the Fusion range is now manufactured under the strict Garmin quality control systems.

Story and image by Dag Pike.